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Example 1: My story is about how I coped with feeling a sense of discontentment in my mid-career... I gained inspiration from... Now I live a very happy life doing...
Example 2: My story is about coping with a major setback (ie; health, finance, relationship) while in business... I had to deal with.... Now I am able to ...
Resilience is about our ability to persevere, withstand and come back stronger from difficult situations. In this section, describe the situation you faced.
What is it that helps resilience happen?
For each person, there may be choices we make, the resources we turn to, the strengths we draw upon or insights we apply. Please share the steps taken that helped you to overcome your setback, obstacle or challenge.
A story that begins with unpleasant things doesn’t mean things will always end badly. Stories of resilience tend to have turning points where something shifts, new possibilities are opened and unexpected opportunities found. Use this section to share your turning points.
You can answer this question in a number of ways. Think: How have you become more resilient? In hindsight, what would you have done differently? If you could send a message back to your younger self what would that message say? How do you live life differently?