Brexit Turmoil: 5 Ways To Cope With The Emotional Effects

The uncertainty of Brexit continues to loom over the U.K.

People on both sides of the vote are feeling increased anxiety and stress over the unknown future.

These worries may be negatively impacting our health on multiple levels.

The BBC recently stated that many people in the U.K. have reached out to them about how Brexit is affecting both their emotional and physical wellbeing.

How to Cope With the Uncertainty of Brexit

With World Health Day upon us, we have an opportunity to consider what solutions exist to help ease the tensions and anxieties surrounding Brexit.

There are several things we can actively do to cope with the emotions stirred up by Brexit.

1. Live in the Present

There is peace in the present. Nothing is certain, and only this very moment is guaranteed - never the next.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the emotional turmoil of Brexit, find a minute of stillness to connect with the certainty that exists in this very moment.

Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Regularly engaging in this practice is proven to help people remain in control of their feelings.

Try to remember that happiness and peace are not contingent on external factors. They come from within.

Peace and stillness can help you find emotional healing in times of stress.

2. Secure Yourself

Brainstorm what you can do to prepare for whatever may come. Focus on what you can do to secure yourself, in whatever ways you can.

Make yourself feel more secure by setting aside as much savings as you can, and sticking to a budget.

This can give you a sense of financial safety, and prepare you for whatever the future holds.

Consider what you can do in the case of either outcome. Make plans for what you’ll do to adjust and get by.

Plan how you’ll adapt to each potential outcome, to remind yourself that you will find a way to adjust and move forward - no matter what happens.

Simply having a plan in place can relieve much of the stress and anxiety of an unknown future.

Alan Lakin once stated, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

3. Embrace Uncertainty

There is no guarantee of anything in life. If we listen to the fear of what may or may not happen, we risk living in fear of everything unknown.

Our future and our security are never certain, but we can find peace in embracing that fact. 

There is more risk and uncertainty in things we all do daily, that could end our very lives in an instant.

For example:

We don’t think twice about driving in our cars or flying in an airplane - where a safe outcome is never guaranteed. Yet we’ve learned to be unaffected by that uncertainty, and to ignore the fear of a negative outcome.

In much the same way, we can learn to embrace the uncertainty of Brexit.

4. Find Comfort in the Known

Spend more time on what brings you joy, that is known and comfortable to you.

Put on your favourite trainers and go for a jog through your neighbourhood park. Enjoy a hot cup of your favourite tea.

To feel more at ease in the midst of uncertain times, take comfort in your favourite things, and in all that is familiar and consistent in your life.

Focusing on what is known and stable in your life can help calm the worries about what isn’t.

If you’re artistic, engage in something creative. Studies show expressing creativity improves emotional health and helps you feel more positive.

5. Lean on Your Support Network

Spend time with friends, family, and everyone who uplifts you. Spend less time with those that want to ruminate about the uncertainty and anger they feel over Brexit.

Not spending enough time with loved ones Bonding with your spouse has been has been shown to have a negative impact on emotional wellbeing. So if you're married, bond with your spouse - which has also been proven to help protect your heart health.

Laughing with friends at a casual get-together can help you relax and let go of your worries. It helps you keep your focus on all the good things in your life.

Remember that no matter what happens with Brexit, you’ll have these wonderful people in your life to help you through it.

The Bottom Line

With the future largely out of our hands, it’s all too easy to be swept up in concerns, fear, and anger.

Whichever side of the issue you’re on, there’s undoubtedly much to worry about.

However, it’s up to us as individuals to prevent that fear from taking over.

We can’t let it dictate our lives or our happiness - otherwise, we will have surrendered what little control we do have.

It’s up to us to make the decision to shift our focus. To find a moment of stillness, look within, and connect with our inner peace. 

It’s our responsibility to prepare for whatever the outcome may be, and to create plans for how we will adjust and cope.

Ultimately, we have no control over anything in life. Brexit is no different.

So take time to engage in all the things that make you laugh and smile. Spend as much time with family, friends, and loved ones as you possibly can.

Keep it close in mind that you will always find a way to adjust, and even thrive, no matter the circumstances.

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