It’s time to be more selfish – why self-care matters!

Regardless of our age, selfishness is seldom seen as a positive character trait. However, taking the time to look after your own wellbeing, especially in midlife, is a central part of ensuring you continue living a happy, productive life. In this blog we’ll take a closer look at some of the key reasons why you should prioritise a little selfishness, particularly once you pass-40...

Boost your health

The benefits of self-care are both mental and physical. For instance, exercise is known for its endorphin-releasing benefits, while enjoying a hobby helps you to relax and reconnect with your inner self, even when the world feels like a hostile place. Taking time away from your practical obligations has also been shown to have major benefits for your heart, in more ways than one. 

Even a small decision to set aside some time for the things you truly love will have a dramatic impact on how you see the world and your place in it. Learning how to slow down and appreciate life is also good for your physical health, reducing the likelihood of everything from heart attacks to strokes. 

Empower yourself

There is something very empowering about declaring, even if only to yourself, that your own happiness matters. It may sound like a very simple thing, but it is all-too-often forgotten, particularly during difficult times. Yet being a little ‘selfish’ from time to time will help to anchor you against some of life’s harder moments, and empower you to restore your equilibrium. 

Design your self-care routine

The way you define self-care will differ from person to person. To some, it could be taking the time to indulge your creativity, or to meditate on things that are true, noble, just, pure and lovely - while for others it might being fully conscious and present. Whatever makes you feel comforted, positive and happier in your own skin can be classified under the self-care umbrella, so let your imagination run free.

How do I start?

There’s no reason not to start immediately!

The web provides a wealth of resources, including communities like 9-to-5 Freedom Seekers and Healthy Fit Fabulous, for motivation and information whenever you need that added extra push. 

TIP: Ask yourself the question, what self-care habits must I add to my daily routine in order to improve my health and wellbeing?

"Self-care matters" 

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