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How would your life be different if you started a business? Becoming a Mid-Life Entrepreneur is the ultimate mid-life career change opportunity to have more freedom and do what you love.  Maybe you already have an idea or no idea at all. Regardless, you have significant years of professional experience and skills that weigh in your favour. Discover how to start and grow a profitable business in a healthy way with  
The Mid-Life Freedom Formula.

Design The Life
You Really Want

Are you 40+  standing at the crossroads feeling stuck, undervalued or uninspired at work because you know you're destined for more? You want to create more meaning and purpose in your life, financial security and your freedom but not sure what or how? Perhaps even to improve your health and wellbeing, your  relationships or find your overall happiness in life. Discover how to transform your life in 6 months (or less) with
The Mid-Life Freedom Formula.

Hello, I'm Beverley Anderson.

I'm also known as 'Resilient Bev', a Personal Transformation Coach, Business Coach and CoFounder  of inspireResilience.

I am passionate about helping women 40+ who want to reinvent their work life, health and happiness.  

Regardless of where you are in your journey, you cant transform your life and create the purposeful freedom you really want but you need a game plan, resilience and a trusted accountability partner to make it happen.

I can help you create a life of purposeful freedom with my unique 4-Step Freedom Formula & Programme!

“Being able to pursue your life goals in the face of obstacles can be extremely challenging. You may be feeling uncertain or worried about the future. You may even have reached a point where you feel like quitting and giving up, but don’t…. We can show you how to be resilient and successful!                                                                      Be Unshakable!”

I would like to say a huge thanks to Beverley for all her hard work, dedication and help. Her inspirational concept has grounded me immensely.
She helped me to see things clearly and prioritise things that are needed for me to succeed and grow during these hard times. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel …thanks Bev you’re a star!

Deborah King

Director - Angel Loving and Care

Top UK Therapist of the Year

Beverley has given me the confidence I needed to really take my business to a new level and I am so thankful that I got to work with her. I'm still reaping the benefits and making changes that she suggested. 

Beverley is fun to work with and I really enjoyed our time together. I always feel so energised after speaking with her!

Katherine Kyle

Founder of Green Thickies

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your setback is not your fortress…it could be your rocket fuel to a brighter future!

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